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The Life Rituals Podcast

The Life Rituals Podcast helps you to master your inner reality and unpack how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact every area of your life. In this podcast, Self-esteem Coach & Therapist, Pooja Thaleshwar provides you with practical tips, insightful perspectives and expert interviews to enhance your ability to navigate your emotions, elevate your self-esteem and live a happier life

Jan 15, 2019

Whether you refer to it as self-defeating behaviour, standing in your own way or being your own worst enemy, self-sabotage is a habit that can interfere with even the best intended plans.

On a diet? Birthday cake calories at the office obviously don’t count. Need to reach a deadline? You’ll focus much better if you spend some time scrolling through your social feeds first, right? Thinking of setting up your own business? surely it can’t be possible for you to be successful at it, right?

Self-sabotage can creep up on us in the most unexpected ways and in this episode I’ll be discussing the top ways to break FREE from self-sabotage altogether.